Laser Birthmark Treatment

Embarrassed by a birthmark or spider veins?

Alma LasersMany people have vascular birthmarks, also known as port-wine stains or venous malformations. Others may have fine capillaries or spider veins on their face or legs that they cover up with makeup or hide beneath clothing. Some vascular birthmarks cannot be removed without large scars, but sometimes, these same birthmarks can be treated with laser to make them lighter in color. Spider veins are also treatable with state-of-the-art laser treatment.

At Sycamore Medi Spa, we offer the Alma Dye VL™ laser system to treat vascular birthmarks and spider veins. Several treatments are required to see a dramatic change in appearance, but downtime is minimal.

To see if you are a candidate for laser treatment of your vascular birthmark or spider veins, schedule a cosmetic consultation with one of our surgeons today!

Laser Birthmark Removal

Results may vary.

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