Laser Scar Improvement

Does your scar leave you feeling self-conscious?

At Sycamore Medi Spa, we offer solutions for scar appearance with our PicoWay and Alma Dye VL laser systems. Our techniques alter irregularities while stimulating collagen growth to improve scar appearance and can also impact unwanted pigmentation. For optimal results, you may require multiple treatments based on the location and degree of scarring, but you’ll be in our comfortable office setting.

What to expect from laser scar improvement:

  • Alteration of scar color
  • Improvement of scar appearance
  • Pigmentation improvement
  • No downtime
  • Little to no pain

We also perform laser scar resurfacing with our high-energy erbium laser. With this procedure, we remove the layer of skin over a scar, exposing new skin and allowing it to heal healthier and thicker. Aftercare of laser scar resurfacing involves antibiotic ointment to prevent infection and a follow-up evaluation. Your skin may start regenerating as quickly as four days after treatment.

To see if you are a candidate for laser scar treatment or resurfacing, schedule a cosmetic consultation with one of our surgeons today!

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